Periodic maintenance on a car

For all the service and convenience that your car gives you day in and day out, it also requires regular maintenance. Remember that the functionality of your car is only as good as how well you maintain it. Car manufacturers have different instructions when it comes to car maintenance, thus the model and make of … Read more

Common Signs that you need to visit a Mechanic 

If there is one thing that so many Gen Zs and millennials cherish is owning a ride as they fondly call it. If you doubt this then it’s possible to try out a social experiment of approaching random groups of youths and teenagers to ask what they would spend their first large savings or income … Read more

Self-maintenance and Inspection practices on your car

Buying a car is an important milestone for many. In fact, you just like myself can attest to so many relatives and friends working hours to save money just for a car. In fact, so many take car loans just to fulfil this dream which means it’s such a big thing in our lives today. … Read more