Periodic maintenance on a car

For all the service and convenience that your car gives you day in and day out, it also requires regular maintenance. Remember that the functionality of your car is only as good as how well you maintain it. Car manufacturers have different instructions when it comes to car maintenance, thus the model and make of your will dictate your maintenance schedule. A well maintained car will not only last longer but will also have optimum functionality at all times. If this sounds as a sweet music to your ears then know it that a good driver isn’t one who drives accident free but that knows importance of maintenance on a car.

You should also keep in mind that regularly servicing your car will save you extra costs when it comes to repairs. The sad truth is that cars might require more repair work as they age. Thankfully, if you regularly service your car, the repairs required might be less leading to lower costs. It might also mean that you can resell it at a higher price. Here are a few necessary periodic changes that your car might need. 

Car Engine Accessories 

A car is only as efficient as its engine’s functionality therefore, it requires periodic maintenance or service. It entails changing critical components such as the oil and oil filter. Changing the oil will not only ensure that your engine runs effectively, but also that it runs for longer. 

Shift oil and oil filter

Keeping the oil in good condition will also allow you to travel long distances while also preserving fuel. Similarly, whenever you change the oil, you should also ensure that your oil filter is changed as well. Having a good quality air filter will reduce clogging from dust and other particles that get caught in it. Therefore, you should also change your car’s air filter periodically to ensure the engine breathes well. It is also the perfect way to improve its performance and get the desired pickup fuel mileage per liter of fuel consumed. 

Change motor oil regularly. Its the blood of your car engine

Change your air filter

Most experts advise that you should change your air filter after every 30,000 km or possibly every 2 years. You should also change your fuel filter every 40,000 or 45,000 km interval and ensure they are clean. Another engine component that should be checked and changed is the drive belt. It keeps the alternator, AC compressor and power steering pump in case of hydraulic power steering running. The mechanic will advise you to change it if they notice any cuts or if it’s damaged or worn out. 

While at it, it also won’t hurt to check the coolant to prevent the engine from overheating. 

Carefully maintain car components of the Brakes

Your car’s brakes play an essential role when it comes to your safety and the safety of the car. Thus, it helps to have them checked periodically to maintain the performance of your car. You should have the disc brakes checked and pads changed whenever their thickness gets close to 2mm or less. The mechanic will also check the discs to see if they are warped or if the surface has too many serrations. 

If your car has drum brakes on the rear wheels, your mechanic will open them up, clean then inspect the friction material on the liner. Subsequently, they’ll advise you to replace the brake liners if it has thinned down to less than 2mm. You should also ensure the handbrake or parking brake is checked and adjusted if need be.

Suspension, Wheels, and Tyres

It is necessary to periodically check your car’s suspension system, wheels and tyres. This will ensure that you know if it’s time to replace components such as the shock absorbers, springs, multiple linkages like the upper arms and lower arms, various ball joints, and balance rods. Subsequently, you might need to change your wheels based on the tread wear and overall condition. 

Other components that you might need to be changed are the wheel bearings whenever they are worn out or produce a rough sound. The interval for changing your wheels will depend on factors such as the type of road and mileage. 

Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Systems

Your car’s electrical and electronic system is made up of components such as headlights, taillights, and indicator lights. You should always ensure that they are working effectively during periodic maintenance. If not, then you might have to replace them or simply have them fixed. 

Another thing to check is the battery, so you should ensure your mechanic conducts a load test to see if it’s in good condition. Subsequently, you might need to change your wipers and horns based on their functionality.  The AC ventilation system which includes the cabin filter should be next. The mechanic should clean them if they are dirty or if the condition is too bad, and will ask you to buy a new filter.

Gearbox and Clutch

The gearbox controls the transmission of your car, therefore, it’s necessary to check it periodically. Most manufacturers will include information on when to change the gearbox oil. However, this might not apply if there is oil leakage from the gearbox, so you should check for this. You might also need to check and replace the clutch depending on its condition when you visit the mechanic.