Best Cars to Buy as a First Time Car Owner

We can all agree that we live in a day and age where convenience and efficiency really matter a lot. Actually, most millennials and generation Z have a particular liking for nice things in life that make them feel cosier. One of the things that would really tease the mind of any young person today is the need to buy and own a car. Ask most young people around what they would like to spend their first income on and don’t be surprised that buying a car features prominently in the list. So, as people clamour to buy cars, it is a good idea to know the best cars to buy as a first time car owner.

A perfect car is one that matches your budget and gives you less problems-the rest are just extras

Any keen reader should have already realized that our focus here is to direct first time car owners so that they don’t fall prey to common mistakes. Remember, buying a car is just the easy bit in car ownership. The bulk of things comes in maintaining that car and actual use. So as much as people may wish to get trendy cars that make them look stylish in a way, costs involved in post purchase maintenance should be a primary consideration. Also check on consumption and other features that we here below discuss. 

Thinking of buying your first car

Most people spend their early adulthood thinking, dreaming and even saving to buy a car. As soon as you pass your driving test, you quickly shift to focus on identifying the right car for you. Luckily, knowing your budget is an easy way to decide which car to buy. In an ideal world, everyone would get a car with exactly what they need. 

Having a dream car parked in the backyard is all we need

In most cases, an average car buyer will look at issues to do with functionality, price, equipment and accessibility of spare parts. But honestly, first time car buyers would always randomly scan through and settle on the most affordable car available in the market. There is never a second thought about any secondary costs involved which may ideally turn out to be over the roof. . 

Buying and Owning a Car for the First Time

Buying a car is a big decision that should not be made lightly or on a whim. Mind you, the cost of even the cheapest car isn’t small enough to be ignored.. In fact, most times buyers will go for  car loans to buy their first car. This is enough indication that the whole thing needs careful decision making. As if the planning for buying wasn’t enough, a car comes with maintenance costs that in a bad month, the mechanic may slap you with a huge bill. The costs of buying a car are already steep enough. So, your best bet is to find one that offers the best value, is reliable, economical, and cheap to insure

As a new car owner, your focus is probably on buying a used car. However, don’t limit your options since there are a few new cars that offer very reasonable prices. Therefore, it pays to also check them out and see if they could be a good fit. You have been looking forward to getting this car, so why purchase one that’s forgettable? Keep an open mind and find the perfect fit. 

What to be on the Lookout for When Buying a Car for the First Time

Just like shopping for a new cloth or shoe, you will find many cars in the market today. It’s never a good idea to go for the first car you come across. So, take your sweet time and shop around. You might just find the perfect deal that might save you a lot of money and hassle in the future. 

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether your new car will be safe or require constant trips for repair. Everyone pictures a perfect car that will serve them for several years before needing any serious repairs. You also don’t need the hassle of getting stuck with a car that comes with higher payments and insurance costs.  

If you have a modest paycheck, find a car that you can comfortably afford to buy and maintain. Don’t let car dealers convince you to buy a vehicle that will cost you an arm and a foot to maintain. Remember that they are in the business of selling cars and thus, will say anything and everything to make a killing. 

The Best Vehicle Types for First Time Car Owners 

As a first time buyer, you are probably more attracted to small cars  or  SUVs. But in most cases, first timers go for hatchbacks, sedan or station wagons. But still, those who have probably won a jackpot may go for SUVs as their first car. No problem. The car market operates like any other where a willing buyer meets a willing seller and the deal is sealed. 

In the car market right now, there are limitless car options in the market for you within your price, feel, mileage, propellant type, name it. While looking at all of them might sound daunting, it’s way easier than you’d expect. There are a few tricks here and there that will help you to winnow the selection down. 

Just go for a car that  you can afford

 Though it doesn’t hurt to look at more expensive ones for future reference. One fact about buying a car is that you are likely to buy a different one in future as your needs change. Researching different vehicles available in the market will ensure you find the safest and sanest choices for young drivers.

Fortunately, most of these vehicles are reasonably priced and you might find some that cost as little as $25,000 or less. It also helps to check the ratings of a car before settling on it to ensure you find the best. There are many online sites that offer reliability ratings that might be helpful in your search. 

Look at the car functionality and features

Another thing you might love about some of the vehicles in this category is that they come with standard key driver-assistance features. Hence, you can easily access features such as forward collision warning and forward automatic emergency braking systems. These are all helpful tools to avoid collisions as a first time driver. 

Similarly, they come in handy in reducing the severity of collisions. Ultimately, they will ensure you pay minimal costs during an accident. Finally, their affordability and conservativeness make them reasonable to insure.

Best Cars for New Buyers  

We don’t in any way intend to limit the choices of first time car buyers. Instead, we really just wish to help those struggling to balance their dream car, available options and actual purchasing ability. Here are a few examples of the cars you can get as a first time owner. 

Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen up! is not only a good choice for its affordability but because it is cheap to insure. Despite this, it still promises safety thanks to the Electronic Stability Control, multiple airbags, and a multi-function front facing camera. It also comes with air-conditioning and a DAB radio. 

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 also comes with great affordability while also ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. It is also cheaper to insure and maintain. 

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is easy to drive and park, making it perfect for a first time driver. It’s also cheap and affordable to insure. 

KIA Picanto

If you love sporty looking cars then KIA Picanto is what to go for. It comes with minimal ownership costs while also offering a fun-factor. 

Skoda Fabia 

Skoda Fabia is practical, low running costs and a wide range of equipment. It is also cheap to buy and maintain. 

Toyota Aygo X

The Toyota Aygo X is not only easy to park but also ensures less bulk with a pleasant and colorful cabin. 

Fiat Panda

Despite being an older model, the Fiat Panda offers comfortable rides entertaining handling, excellent all-round visibility, and clever storage. It also includes lower running costs and is cheaper to acquire. You can find a brand new one for as low as £14,000. 

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is a perfect pick for a first-time owner because of its affordability.  Unfortunately, it has fewer equipment though you should expect to find the essential ones. You can get it for as low as £13,000 and is fairly straightforward and simple to control.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa is a popular car among many drivers including new ones thanks to its low running costs. Besides, it also offers up-to-date technology, and a rather sporty appearance. 

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is one of the smallest and lower-priced EVs on sale. So, if you are looking for an electric vehicle that is affordable and offers flair and style then it might be perfect.